L9 - User Manual L9 - User Manual

L9 - User Manual

L9 - User Manual L9 - User Manual


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Video Guide

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Hardware Installation

1. MiraScreen to TV/Monitor/Projector

Plug the cable dongle HDMI port to TV/Monitor/Projector HDMI inputs.

2. Select Source

Select the right HDMI source which was connected to cable dongle. If everything works fine, you may find the MiraPlug setup screen shows ID number with QR code and setup/mirror modes.

3. MiraScreen to Mobile Phone

Plug type-C port to Android devices.

If everything works fine, you may see the mobile phone screen appear on TV/Monitor/Projector screen.


Phone Mode

Phone Screen appears on the TV/monitor/projector screen.


Desktop Mode

Tap “Desktop mode” your phone screen will mirror on the big screen like a laptop screen. The Android device becomes a touch control pad.



  Repair Tool

In rare events where you might have trouble OTA the dongle firmware to the latest version, you may consider using the Repair Tool to upgrade your MiraScreen.


Customer Service

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