LD8 - User Manual LD8 - User Manual

LD8 - User Manual

LD8 - User Manual LD8 - User Manual

User Manual          Rev 1.00


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Video Guide


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Hardware Installation


Please follow below steps to setup MiraScreen Wire:

Step 1, plug dongle in to HD port of your TV, Monitor, or Projector.

Step 2, plug one end of the cable (USB Type-A) into an external 5V/1A power adapter.

Step 3, use your lightning cable to connect your iOS device and MiraScreen Wire (bigger one, USB Type-A).

Note: supports iOS 9+

Step 4, please select to the right TV HD source, MiraScreen Wire setup page will show on your TV.



For iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices Airplay Mirroring

If the connection is right, iOS device popups a ‘Trust This Computer’ message please select ‘Trust’. Please wait for a few seconds, your iOS device screen will mirror to the TV screen.

Note: Some iOS devices may popup "This accessory may not be supported".  Please feel at ease to use, as this is a normal notification. Or you can change the power adapter for more stable power supply and make sure the adapter support 5V/1A output.



Firmware upgrade and EZCast

App software installation:

If you encounter a system barrier(it may happens after iOS software version upgrade) leading to device cannot be used normally, please try the steps below to upgrade your dongle:
Step 1.Insert a paper clip into the hole on the MiraScreen Wire/Wire+, and push the key inside the hole to switch to “Airplay & Setup mode” (OTA mode).


Step 2.please turn on the Personal Hotspot for connection.


Step 3.Please connect your phone to MiraScreen, you will see a message. If it connects successfully, you will see the picture “” shown on your TV. If it shows an icon “LD8”, it means the connection failed. Please re-check from step 1 to step 3.


Step 4.Download EZCast app from Apple App store. Then please launch the “EZCast” app and click the “Wire” button to establish connection between your iOS device and MiraScreen Wire.After that please click the “Menu” button.

Step 5, click the “Upgrade” button on the menu page and wait for the update.



Note: Please DO NOT power off or unplug your Mirascreen Wire+ dongle power cable during upgrade and make sure your cellular data (3G/4G) is available.

Step 6.After firmware upgrade, please insert a paper clip into the hole, and push the button inside the hole to switch to Plug&Play mode for enjoying big screen casting.

Note: Due to the EZCast app will update time to time to compatible with up-to-date devices. More information about EZCast app, please refer to https://www.ezcast.com/index.php for reference.


  Repair Tool

In rare events where you might have trouble OTA the dongle firmware to the latest version, you may consider using the Repair Tool to upgrade your MiraScreen.

Check out LD8 repair tool >>


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