MiraScreen X10 Mobile Game USB Hub Adapter for Mouse and Keyboard, Not Work With iOS 13.4+ Devices


Powerful Game Hub for Mobile Gaming

With X10 Game Hub, you may extend immersive mobile gaming into a home game console experience by sharing mobile phone screen to a huge TV screen, and also adapt to use USB HID device (mouse/keyboard) to back control your game.

  • Support 4K (3840x2160 30p) ultra HD resolution with tiny latency. With X10 Game Hub, you may share your mobile game screen to a huge TV.

  • Support USB HID devices extension. keyboard hotkey and mouse HID event could be conveyed via USB to control your mobile phone, more responsive then touch control on the mobile phone screen.
  • X10 Game Hub is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



    CPU SG7210
    Power 5V 2A
    Ports HD/USB/Micro
    Weight 147 g
    Cable Length N/A
    Package Box 43 x 31 x 40 mm
    Package Weight 13Kg/80PCS