MiraScreen Miracast Wireless HDMI Display Adapter Compatible with Android/iOS/Windows to TV


Hardware Installation

  1. Connect WiFi antenna with Receiver Dongle, and then connect

another plug of WiFi antenna to a USB adapter (5V1A).

  1. Connect the Dongle directly into an HDTV input port on your TV.
  2. Set your TV’s Source/Input selection to HDTV input port connected

to the Dongle

  1. Your Dongle now starts up and will display instructions on your TV

screen. Follow the instructions to complete setup

iOS/macOS Mirror

  1. Connect iOS/macOS device to MiraScreen SSID via wiFi.
  2. Turn on Screen mirroring/Airplay mirroring.

3.Tap MiraScreen SSID and iOS/macOS device screen will mirror to

the TV.

Windows Mirror

1.Miracast mirror (Windows 8.1 and above)

1.1 Press short keys “Win+P” on your keyboard.

1.2 Select “Connect to a wireless display” option.

1.3 Select MiraScreen SSID to connect.

Android Mirror

  1. EZMira app Mirror (Android 5.0 and above)

1.1 Tap “EZMira App” option in EZMira App and select “Scan QRCode

to connect WiFi” option.

1.2 Scan the QR Code on the TV screen and tap “Done” icon once

the smart device is connected to MiraSCreen.

1.3 Click “Discover” at the buttom of EZMira app.

1.4 Tap mirror icon in the right top corner.

1.5 Select “START NOW” option to mirror.