Download EZMira for Android / iOS

EZMira makes sharing videos and gaming content to big screen easier.
It is compatible with popular WiFi display receivers, such as MiraScreen, AnyCast…etc.

If you own a MiraScreen dongle, you can:
1) Easily search and cast video contents from popular sites like Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo to HDTVs
2) Mirror your Android device’s screen to your HDTV
3) Use DLNA, Miracast to enjoy any content on the Big Screen
4) Play music from your smartphone to your TV

IMPORTANT! The new MiraScreen products are supported by EZMira. If you plug your dongle and find out the barcode on the home menu doesn't link to EZMira, then it means that your dongle does not yet support EZMira. 


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User Guide

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